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State of their union? Melania arrives separately from Donald

07 Febrero 2018

"That is going to be a comforting message to the people of Puerto Rico once they have electricity to turn on their TVs", said Colbert. "And, where appropriate, tapping into private sector investments to permanently fix the infrastructure deficit", President Trump in his speech Tuesday night. However, per Time's data provided by Nielsen, his Fox News assertion is incorrect, as it was watched by 11.5 million as opposed to 11.7 million.

When asked about the accuracy of the tweet, a White House official said Trump was referring to the cable news ratings.

Trump's claim was reminiscent of the first full day of his administration, when he dispatched White House press secretary Sean Spicer to admonish the media for reporting that Trump's inauguration crowd was smaller than other recent inauguration crowds. He boasted about the economic growth he believes will result from tax cuts Republicans pushed through Congress late last year. He praised a law enforcement agent who arrested more than 100 gang members, and he recognised the families of two alleged gang victims.

Just in case you value your time and didn't have a spare 90 minutes last night to watch Donald Trump's first State of the Union address, Stephen Colbert has you covered.

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"Tonight, I want to talk about what kind of future we are going to have, and what kind of nation we are going to be".

Obama has outshined Trump in ratings before. The favorable results were stunning in their percentages.

Reaction to Trump's speech fell along party lines, with Republican praising his remarks and Democrats ripping his rhetoric, particularly on immigration. Spanish-language broadcasters Univision (2.04 million) and Telemundo (1.44 million) bring the total up to 44.02 million; numbers for PBS and Fox Business aren't in yet and will push the total up a bit more (we'll update the post as more figures come in).

In Trump's case, real wage growth was unimpressive over his first year in office in large part due to rising inflation, which reduces consumers' buying power. On the broadcast side, it beat out NBC (7.1 million), CBS (7 million), ABC (5.4 million), and Fox (3.6 million).

State of their union? Melania arrives separately from Donald