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Mueller's Russia probe needs to continue, despite Trump attacks — Lawmakers

07 Febrero 2018

Earlier on Friday, President Donald Trump refused to give a clear-cut answer on whether he was considering firing Rosenstein after Trump approved the declassification of a memo that alleges FBI abuses its authority regarding Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrants.

What destroys trust is when you dress up an oppo reseearch document that Jim Comey himself, this is not my words or Marks' words, he said under oath that they were 'salacious' and 'unverified.' What destroys trust is when you take that kind of document dress it up make it appear like it is legitimate intelligence and then take it to a court to get a warrant you don't tell them important facts like, 'oh by the way the Clinton campaign paid for this, ' and you do all of this in the context of a presidential campaign.

Many on the left side of the political aisle believe Trump and Nunes, and many others in the Republican Congress, are using the memo to try to discredit the Robert Mueller investigation. (It's been noted, but worth saying again, that Democrats disagree with Nunes's "misleading" narrative, and the FBI and DOJ strongly objected to its release.) The implication, nevertheless, is that the Trump-Russia investigation, now led by special counsel Robert Mueller, was tainted with political bias from the start. Their was no Collusion and there was no Obstruction (the word now used because, after one year of looking endlessly and finding NOTHING, collusion is dead). "His decision undermines our national security and is a bouquet to his friend Putin". The memo suggests this was inappropriate because FBI and Justice Department officials relied on the controversial Steele dossier to obtain this warrant.

2 about a Republican memo on the Russia investigation, The Associated Press erroneously reported that a former British spy's work on an opposition research project was initially funded by the conservative Washington Free Beacon.

Asked if he was more likely to fire Rosenstein, and if he still had confidence in him, Trump retorted, "You figure that one out". Cory Booker of New Jersey tweeted.

In the wake of the memo's release, Comey tweeted, "That's it?"

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"If mistakes were made and individuals did something wrong, it's our job as the legislative branch to conduct oversight over the executive branch if abuses were made", he said.

Ryan has also supported releasing the Democratic rebuttal to the Nunes report. "That sounds simple, but there's real strength in remembering that", Wray said.

"I support the Mueller investigation", said Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Ohio, also speaking on CNN.

Schiff, the top Democrat, said the memo had "cherry-picked" information from Andrew McCabe, who stepped down as FBI deputy director this week.

The memo offered the first government confirmation that the FBI in October 2016 obtained a secret surveillance warrant on a Trump campaign associate, Carter Page, on the basis that agents believed he might be an agent of a foreign power -Russia. Schiff, the only other House member to read the documents behind the Nunes memo, called for release of a Democrat memo giving the minority party's findings on the issue.

Mueller's Russia probe needs to continue, despite Trump attacks — Lawmakers