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Trump Cancels Trip to South America to Oversee Syria Response

16 Abril 2018

Russian media reported on Wednesday that the US would provide Russia with a list of its targets for the Syria strike.

"Consultations are ongoing between the allies and they will not let matters progress as Washington wants", she told Lebanon's al-Mayadeen channel, referring to the alliance of Assad, Russia, Iran and the Lebanese Shi'ite group Hezbollah.

"Much of the bad blood with Russia is caused by the Fake & Corrupt Russia Investigation", tweeted Trump, who has been accused of being overly indulgent to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

As tensions mounted over a face-off with Damascus-ally Russia, opponents of unilateral US action called an emergency closed-door meeting of the UN Security Council for Thursday. A unilateral response by any country, outside of a wider strategy, without allies is not the way forward.

Trump has suggested that he has little doubt that Syrian government forces are to blame for what he says was a chemical attack, but neither he nor other administration officials have produced hard evidence.

General Mattis did not answer a question about whether he was concerned about telegraphing US moves in Syria.

Meanwhile, air traffic control agency Eurocontrol has advised commercial airlines flying over the eastern Mediterranean to exercise caution over the next 72 hours. The West swiftly pointed the finger at the Syrian government, which has denied all the accusations.

During a phone call late on Thursday, UK Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump agreed on the need to deter chemical weapon use in Syria.

The United States, Britain and France have argued the incident bears all the hallmarks of a strike ordered by the regime, which has been blamed for previous attacks by the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW).

He says claims of a chemical attack were fabricated and "can't serve as a pretext for any forceful actions". "Similarly, Russian specialists who collected necessary samples from the alleged scene confirmed that they had not found traces of toxic agents".

Trump wrote in an incendiary early morning tweet that the missiles would be "nice and new and smart!", after a Russian official said any strike in retaliation to the attack on the rebel-held town of Douma would be shot down.

Since Trump's warning, the Syrian military has moved assets around in an attempt to shield them from US missiles, possibly by putting them under Russian protection. War can be expected to boost Gold, Crude Oil, the Japanese Yen, and perhaps the U.S. Dollar.

" China depends on the Middle East for its oil supplies but has long taken a back seat in the region's disputes, only recently beginning to expand its role, hosting high-level delegations from both the Syrian government and the opposition".

"The state of the world cannot but provoke concern", he said.

More than 40 Syrians, including men, women and children, choked to death after a suspected chemical attack in the city of Douma on Saturday.

Trump Cancels Trip to South America to Oversee Syria Response