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PUBG is Officially Getting Map Selection

21 Abril 2018

PUBG will be changing some things up in a big way with their new limited time Event Mode that is coming to their new Codename: Savage 4x4 map. "That's exactly what we were thinking, which is why we're working on an underground cave system with plenty methods of escape", reads the post.

The post then features the following photos, and explains how the real-world setting will translate to PUBG.

He mentions that the new map - Miramar - is nearly ready for deployment on the console, and will be coming to test servers before the end of April - hitting live servers before the end of May. If you're wondering why such a seemingly obvious feature was missing from the game in the first place, it's because the PUBG team felt that it could drastically impact matchmaking. There's no word yet on when they will go live.

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Obviously, if you want to play a specific map rather than being placed into one of the pool at random, you can select only one map on the list. "Thanks for your feedback, your patience and your support throughout this journey".

For at least a few days, however, that barrier is (for the most part) going away. if you are willing to play PUBG on Xbox One. However, ever since the release of Miramar, PUBG devs had been silent over the matter while players were becoming increasingly frustrated by not getting to play on their favorite maps more often.

This now means players can unlock vintage gas masks, battle belts and even cowboy hats. The developer has announced it is now at work on another highly requested feature, which will be implemented on the game's test server "soon". It's a small panel that pops up in the lower left corner of the display and allows users to select and deselect maps they'd like to play on.

PUBG is Officially Getting Map Selection