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Can Fortnite on Mobile Bring Casual and Console Gamers Together?

15 Marcha 2018

Yes, it won't be Fortnite remade as a tower defence, hidden object, match-3, or comic book adventure - but the same 100-player action game you might play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, or Mac.

In fact, it seems every platform except PS4 and Xbox One will be connected, with Fortnite developer Epic revealing PS4, PC, Android, and iOS players will be able to duke it out together, before confirming that Xbox One users will be able to join those on PC, Android, and iOS.

Microsoft is saying they are open to allow the functionality, but Sony is failing to oblige. In fact, Epic Studios accidentally enabled Xbox One vs. PS4 cross-play last September. Microsoft, on the other hand, has a massive advantage to support cross-platform play, something that the company is already doing with the Switch and PC gamers.

Then in 2017, Microsoft announced that cross-platform support for Minecraft would be available for the Xbox One, Switch, and mobile, but PS4 was absent from the list. Spencer said at the time that he "would have liked to see them leave it on".

Unfortunately for console Fortnite fans, the connection between PS4 and Xbox has been denied and it'll be impossible to join a game on a different console, despite having nearly identical inputs via handheld pads, and as a result having the least skill gap between the top players. Considering Epic's vision for the game, the bug looked like more of an attempt.

Epic Games have confirmed that they will not be able to bring every aspect of Fortnite to Mobile.

While Sony hasn't made a decision to speak up on the matter, Epic Games said in a blog post over the weekend that "We've been working together with them over the last several months to make this possible, and will bring this functionality to Fortnite players on Xbox right along with other platforms".

For the Fortnite, Microsoft requires a paid subscription to Xbox Live Gold in order to play. Meanwhile, Fortnite developers have addressed the concerns surrounding the mobile version of the game.

The mobile Fortnite is set to be the exact same as other platforms with the same graphics and gameplay, as well as the regular weekly updates.

Can Fortnite on Mobile Bring Casual and Console Gamers Together?