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'13 Reasons Why' adds warning video for Season 2

31 Marcha 2018

It didn't take long for 13 Reasons Why's first season to elicit some strong reactions from fans of all ages.

"'13 Reasons Why' is a fictional series that tackles tough, real world issues, taking a look at sexual assault, substance abuse, suicide and more", says Justin Prentice, who plays Bryce Walker.

"But if you are struggling with these issues yourself, the series may not be right for you", warns Davis. "[The site] will now include a viewing guide to help parents and teens start these tough conversations", Netflix explained. The series revolves around Hannah's unexplained suicide - which was shown up close - and the 13 audiotapes she left behind for her classmates, including star Dylan Minnette, who were left to decipher and ultimately understand why she took her life.

However producer and Paramount president Amy Powell has said the second season will not feature a similar scene, saying: 'There's new storytelling that is as provocative and unexpected'.

"13 Reasons Why" has courted controversy since its release in March of a year ago, facing backlash from suicide prevention advocacy groups who say the program glamorizes suicide, the second leading cause of death among those ages 15 to 34, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Plus, another after-show similar to Season 1's Beyond the Reasons will air following Season 2 with additional ways to prompt healthy conversations surrounding mental illness. In response to recommendations for how media can better provide to support to both teens and parents of teens, Netflix announced several changes, including an introductory video from the cast breaking character to warn viewers about the topics and nature of the show and recommend how they get support if needed.

Procesan a 2 menores de edad ligados a "El H" por narcomenudeo
A tres de ellos, incluido "El H”, se les vinculó a proceso por los delitos de cohecho, asociación delictuosa y contra la salud en su modalidad de narcomenudeo ".

The new video warning will be added to the beginning of the next season as well as to any other episodes that contain particularly graphic and upsetting content.

Researchers also found that, of those asked, 67 to 76 percent of teens and young adults were encouraged to be "more considerate" of how they treat others, 45-60 percent said they had since apologised to someone for their behaviour.

Utah suicide expert Greg Hudnall said at the time that parents shouldn't let children watch the show.

The trailer does a decent jobs setting up the circumstances of the story, and it offers some chilling (and chilly) glimpses at a desolate Scandinavian world, but the official synopsis offers more details as to what the series is actually about.

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'13 Reasons Why' adds warning video for Season 2