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WikiLeaks Assange's warrant of arrest stays - UK court

15 Febrero 2018

There is no public record or evidence demonstrating any U.S. criminal charges are pending against Assange.

In the latest bid to have the warrant dropped, lawyers had asked a London court to consider whether it was in the public interest for the WikiLeaks founder to be arrested.

It added Assange was "in fact, voluntarily avoiding lawful arrest by choosing to remain in the Ecuadorean Embassy". The embassy has been his fixed abode since 2012.

The WikiLeaks founder said Arbuthnot's ruling came as a surprise. The judge went outside what the parties presented in court. Many have claimed that the CPS has been inconsistent in their statements regarding whether or not the case against Assange is live.

"This case is and always has been about the risk of extradition to the United States", Jennifer Robinson, a member of Assange's legal team, said last week.

The website injected itself into the middle of the last US presidential race by publishing hacked emails from Hillary Clinton's campaign.

The Australian has been confined to the location for almost six years.

However, the judge said she had not been persuaded by the arguments made on Mr Assange's behalf.

Inside the building, Mr Assange's lawyer Gareth Peirce waited with two other colleagues who regularly checked to see if the waiting media downstairs had moved on.

Over 10 pages, Judge Arbuthnot dissected and dismissed each of the arguments put forward by Mr Assange's lawyers.

In the emails, a CPS lawyer apparently commented on a 2012 article saying that Sweden was dropping the case by writing: "Don't you dare get cold feet!" Marianne Ny, the chief prosecutor in Sweden, stressed that she was not declaring Assange innocent, only that he no longer faces any charges in the country.

But this was a bad day for Mr Assange, who appears to be running out of options to leave the Ecuadorian embassy and not face arrest.

The identity of the journalist was later leaked by internal staff and the journalist was axed as a radio talk show host. "He should have the courage to come to court".

There is a demand in Swedish law for coercive measures to be proportionate.

The 46-year-old denied the accusation and feared extradition would lead to him being sent on to US authorities over leaking sensitive documents including details of American troops bombing civilian positions in Iraq.

Arbuthnot said she did not find Assange's fear that he could be extradited to the US to be "reasonable", the BBC reports.

The WikiLeaks' founder thinks he is "above the normal rules of law", judge says, as Assange fails to have arrest warrant dropped.

Arbuthnot said Assange has no one but himself to blame for his prolonged detention.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Mr Assange said: "We are surprised". Assange denies the charges. And she took the UK government to court in November 2017 in an attempt to force it to release information regarding the case.

WikiLeaks Assange's warrant of arrest stays - UK court