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Tesla is falling as it continues to 'wade through the weeds' (TSLA)

12 Febrero 2018

The Falcon Heavy is the second most powerful rocket ever launched, just behind the Saturn V rockets that sent humans to the moon, and is the most powerful rocket currently in operation.

And it won't be the vacuum pressures of space that will lead to its demise - a few burst tyres and airbags are the worst it should suffer in those hands. Since the extreme conditions to the rocket were subjected to the launch, and cannot be simulated with guarantees on computers, you can not know in advance how a rocket will behave on its first flight. But with a projected price tag for the SLS of up to $1 billion per launch, the chronically cash-pinched space agency, its congressional overseers and the National Space Council - the policy body reconvened by President Trump and chaired by Vice President Pence - will need to take a hard look at whether to keep sinking billions of taxpayer dollars into the rocket. Then a luxury sedan, and finally a low-cost, mass-market electric car.

"Knowledge, coupled with ingenuity, provides people around the globe with solutions as well as useful products and services". Falcon Heavy is capable of taking 68 tonnes of equipment into orbit close to the Earth.

"You might also catch a glimpse of a smaller passenger, which is a tiny little Hot Wheels roadster, carrying a tiny little Starman", Lauren Lyons, a SpaceX engineer, said during the mission's webcast. It is a risky bet considering Tesla lost $675.4 mn in Q4.

Also on board the Tesla is a durable storage device, called an Arch, loaded with the text of Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" sci-fi trilogy. Its stereo was programmed to play David Bowie's Space Oddity on repeat as it travels for millions of years through space.

Once Model 3 production stabilizes at a weekly rate of 5,000 units, Tesla believes the new vehicle will sport a meaty gross margin of 25%, playing a key role in achieving - and sustaining - positive operating income.

By next week, astronomers say, the car will already be too far away from Earth to track with telescopes.

At that point, "it's certainly possible that it will be mistaken for an asteroid", he said.

Plastics and the carbon-fibre tub will also be turned into space junk.

But I did not expect him to want to watch the video over and over. This matters, because if China doesn't intend to claim the Moon as their territory, they are setting a poor example in trying to seize the international waters and sovereign territories in the South China Sea, in violation of 400 years of freedom of the seas and the Law of the Sea Convention. This, more than anything, is why Tesla must hit its stride on the Model 3. "Knowledge acquired from space exploration has also introduced new perspectives on our individual and collective place in the Universe". That honor goes to NASA's lunar roving vehicle - like the Roadster, an electric vehicle - on the Apollo 15 moon mission. As Musk said following the Falcon Heavy's successful launch: "It taught me crazy things can come true". The payload is a car manufactured by Musk's other company, Tesla. My four-year-old grandson and I watched it multiple times last week, and he was mightily impressed.

This column does not necessarily reflect the opinion of Business Insider. In October, the Boring Company won permission from the US government to dig a 10-mile test tunnel under Maryland. Here again, we see the use of the feedback control idea.

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Tesla is falling as it continues to 'wade through the weeds' (TSLA)