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Super Bowl LII: Who scored, and fumbled, on TV's biggest stage

07 Febrero 2018

Except for heartbroken New England Patriot fans, Super Bowl LII delivered in all the ways that mattered: A close match-up, a feel-good half-time show, and commercials that mostly played the audience for laughs.

Some people turned the TV set off and on, thinking the set had malfunctioned.

The NFL. After a difficult, controversial year, the NFL capped its season with a terrific, high-scoring, wildly entertaining game that reminds people why they love football, while sidestepping any peripheral dust-ups.

Lastly, Dinklage can be seen blowing fire from his mouth, before the final promotion for Doritos appear.

But the vague explanation of "equipment failure" that it gave CNN's senior media correspondent Brian Stelter last night isn't enough to stand through today - particularly in this day and age.

With the Super Bowl just a few days past, we were treated to a bevy of hilarious, and interesting new commericails.

Not into the actual game?

Dominicana rompe invicto a Cuba en Serie del Caribe
Atacó desde muy temprano: cuatro carreras en la primera entrada, cuatro más en la segunda y una en la tercera. Su lugar fue tomado por el lanzador derecho Jesús Castillo.

T-Mobile. Promoting diversity is nothing new in Super Bowl spots, but T-Mobile's ad using babies to celebrate people's differences felt like a higher evolution of the similar ad that Coke ran later in the game.

What actually happened? Did someone mess up?

So, please, no more mysteries, even if it is small one. Beginning on Sunday at noon, NBC will cover the game and end the free access with an episode of This Is Us, which will air around 10 p.m. But the bottom line is whenever you come away from the Super Bowl without Bud ads being near the top of the list, they've fallen short of their rich history as the game's highest-profile sponsor.

For the week of Jan. 29-Feb.

Justin Timberlake. The pop star's Prince tribute actually wasn't that bad - and turning Minneapolis purple was a pretty inspired touch.

"[Fans] are sort of stretching the limit with that theory when you're branching out to Frito-Lay commercials", Dinklage explained.