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Red Bull unveils 2018 car with special edition livery

22 Febrero 2018

Red Bull has become the first of last season's front-runners to launch its 2018 car.

I love the "special edition livery", as I did the "camobull" offerings of previous seasons, but sadly this isn't the livery Red Bull will arrive at testing with, even if does look amazing!

Daniel Ricciardo crashed Red Bull's new Formula One car on its track debut but the team says the damage was minor and there would be no consequences for testing in Spain next week.

"It's hard to tell from a couple of laps but the initial feeling in the car is good". Chassis improvements in the latter part of the season allowed Max Verstappen to collect a pair of dominant race wins in Malaysia and Mexico.

Visually, the RB14 is a subtle evolution of 2017's RB13 as the technical regulations remain largely unchanged. The challenge for this year - as is the case for most teams - is designing the halo to pass stringent homologation tests. Knowing we were running all of our development and processes earlier to meet this early launch, we felt that 'shift' had to be reflected in the livery, hence the 'digital disruption' you saw on the RB14 at Silverstone.

The 2018 Aston Martin Red Bull Racing's RB14 will be drawing power from a Renault sourced V6 turbo hybrid engine.

That paired with several exclusion zones at the rear to eliminate shark fins and T-Wings means the new vehicles this year won't have odd protrusions to aid downforce at the rear end.

The 2018 season gets underway next month with the Australian Grand Prix.

"As usual with a brand-new car, the programme was characterised by short runs with plenty of inspection and analysis time between, but the RB14 didn't supply any nasty surprises".

The current livery, for use during Monday's filming day at Silverstone, serves to conceal sensitive elements of the new car, similar to Red Bull's 2015 'camo-bull' livery which was used during testing.

Red Bull unveils 2018 car with special edition livery