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Firms Cut Ties With Gun Lobby After Florida Shooting — BoycottNRA

26 Febrero 2018

Gun fights are chaotic and confusing - "the fog of war".

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has come under fire after a deputy at the school at the time of the shooting stayed outside. I don't mean that literally; I mean from his perspective.

You just made sure 5 + million people will NEVER us your cars.

That question has come up before - after the shootings in Newtown, in Orlando, in Las Vegas, and on and on.

Oh, there is the shock, anguish and anger, but this time the anger burns more like well-seasoned oak than like the bright but brief flare of wadded newspaper. The world looks on in disbelief and despair. How many guards are needed to adequately secure the facilities? "I like many Canadians travel to Florida from time to time to escape our winter". All while the broader market has risen. On Saturday, Trump said on Twitter the proposal would be left "up to states". He does not believe in gun control. He is incapable of choosing a side, so he lets the side choose him.

A day after two journalists were killed on live TV in Virginia, in 2015: "This isn't a gun problem, this is a mental problem".

Uber is hoping to wean drivers from their cars in part by encouraging its carpooling services, spokeswoman Alix Anfang said.

If Trump wants teachers who are truly adept at using guns, he's probably going to have to send a lot of them back to school.

Trump has also said he supports legislation to tighten background checks for gun buyers, although he has not provided specific details. Imagine a gun fight in a crowded school cafeteria where armed teachers and guards rush through different doors, guns blazing - but miraculously manage not to hit innocent students, staff or each other?

In fact, to Trump, guns are pretty f--ing beautiful.

On its face, a federal ban on semiautomatic weapons would be constitutional even under Heller.

Ivanka Trump arrives in South Korea for Olympics closing
Her father US President Donald Trump and the Olympic Committee asked her to attend, according to White House officials. About half of it on accommodation and about $50,000 each on meals and transportation, the Unification Ministry said.

Meanwhile, some teachers in Florida were unsettled to learn earlier this week that the retirement funds to which they've been contributing invest in the gun company that produced the weapon used in the Parkland attack. There is little gun violence there. When he finds himself in the rare situation in whhich he feels challenged, he does what all threatened narcissists do. "If other companies continue to (cut ties) it can start to have an adverse public relations effect", Spitzer said. "The NRA's made their position clear". And we love to complain about things, we absolutely do.

No place, and no one is safe. The hard part is matching the gun nuts in sustained passion. Our leadership is weak and ineffective.

More institutions, including pension funds and municipalities, are demanding that their portfolios exclude companies that make guns and other weapons.

It's all a bit rich, given state legislators' supposed dedication to home rule. I mean, the man can really cover his bases.

Symantec, which makes the Norton anti-virus software and owns the identity theft protection company LifeLock, announced it "has stopped its discount program" with the NRA. "My daughter's death can't be in vain".

NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre addressed the annual Conservative Political Action Conference on Thursday and spoke of "the breakneck speed for gun control laws", following the Florida shooting.

WILL Wall Street ever let go of guns? No statistics. No justification. And saying them makes them true.

Company spokespeople reached by NPR would not elaborate on the announcements. Some said they would boycott the companies severing ties with the NRA.

"The real test of President Trump and the Republican Congress is not words and empathy, but action", Schumer said in a statement. We must build a Great Wall, think Merit and end Lottery & Chain. They hate the second amendment. No one could question their right to speak.

On the rare occasion, however, his Tweets have been known to misfire.

The comments came as students and grieving families continued to push lawmakers to pass new measures to address the slaying of 17 students and faculty members at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. This is not acceptable.

Firms Cut Ties With Gun Lobby After Florida Shooting — BoycottNRA