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Watch out for random reboots warns Intel — Meltdown-Spectre patch

13 Enero 2018

They're taking the most heat because of new disclosures of long-standing flaws in processor architectures that have widespread cybersecurity implications. To date, no severe hack or data leak has been linked to the vulnerabilites.

Intel has issued a fix for the Meltdown and Spectre exploits, but users are hesitant to install these updates as they might impact their systems' performance. The pledge starts with "customer-first urgency".

Intel is telling some big customers to "delay" installing the patches, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The results for 7th Gen Kaby Lake-H processors with SSDs is similar to that of 8th generation processors.

Intel released numerous statements after the vulnerabilities were made public, and it shot down reports that its chips were the only ones at risk. It said the number of chips affected by Meltdown was significantly less.

The security patches for Meltdown and a variant of Spectre were issued in September, reports Reuters.

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Intel have released an analysis of post-mitigation performance impact, along with a table of benchmarks testing various CPUs from their last three processor generations. Meltdown is limited to just Intel processors. The benchmarks cover SYSmark 2014 SE, PCMark 10, and 3DMark Sky Diver for DX11 gaming numbers.

A firestorm of criticism has erupted over the response to the chip flaws, which researchers at Google's Project Zero discovered in 2016. Specifically these are Opteron, Athlon and AMD Turion X2 CPUs.

Is it true the Windows patch for Spectre renders AMD systems unusable? "We have defined additional steps through a combination of processor microcode updates and OS patches that we will make available to AMD customers and partners to further mitigate the threat". "We will then focus on issuing updates for older products as prioritised by our customers", Krzanich noted.

How can we patch vulnerabilities on AMD? The Windows patch is already rolling out to the majority of AMD users, but there was a bug that caused some systems powered by older AMD CPUs to not boot. However Intel admits that on high-performance machines which requires processes like complex JavaScript operations, the slowdown could reach upto10 percent. While no one has actually taken advantage of these exploits so far, initial patches are hurting PC performance.

He concluded: "To be clear, we do not want to see the performance of our products impacted in any way, and we know our customers feel the same way". These issues apply to all modern processors and affect nearly all computing devices and operating systems. By late afternoon they had recovered to $11.80, a drop of 2.9 percent. Devices that are affected by the flaws span laptops, desktops, mobile devices, cloud-based systems, and more. Companies should ensure defense-in-depth info security protections are in place (e.g., endpoint security, firewalls, log management) and are efficiently working.