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Trump, Macron Agree to Continue Pressure on N. Korea

14 Enero 2018

At a meeting with Iran, Britain, France, and Germany, convened by the EU's top diplomat Federica Mogherini, the European powers that helped negotiate the 2015 accord will reassure Tehran they remain committed to it. The reimposition of broad economic sanctions would make things far worse for the average Iranian, embolden the regime of mullahs to restart their nuclear program and do even more to support terrorism, and give them a handy excuse for crushing the protests.

The U.S. Treasury Department has sanctioned 14 companies and individuals in Iran and China - in connection with alleged human rights violations and weapons proliferation.

Mr Trump also wants Iran's ballistic missile programme to be addressed."This is a last chance", the US president said in a statement on Friday.

Yet Trump is expected to decline to certify to Congress that the nuclear deal is in America's best interest, as he did in October.

"We are gradually coming to the conclusion that an internal decision by the US to leave the (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) has already been made or is close to being made", Ryabkov told Interfax news agency.

After lawmakers raised the issue of protections for immigrants from African nations, Haiti and El Salvador, the President reportedly demanded to know why the United States should accept immigrants from "s***hole countries", rather than, for instance, wealthy and overwhelmingly white Norway.

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En tanto, los informantes indicaron a Télam que los ladrones escaparon con el automóvil del policía y con las armas reglamentarias de ambos agentes.

The first US sanctions against Russia were imposed in 2014 for its role in the Ukrainian crisis and for annexing Crimea.

US President Donald Trump says he is extending sanctions relief for Iran one last time so Europe and the US can fix the nuclear deal's "terrible flaws", according to a BBC News report.

"Any attempts by the U.S. side to unseal the JCPOA without consent from all the other parties would directly violate the fundamental principles of international law, and as the matter also concerns the nonproliferation regime, it would also serve as a powerful incentive toward its further erosion", Kosachyov said.

Meanwhile, the Iranians have dismissed US pressure to renegotiate the deal.

During his presidential campaign and into his term of office, Trump has said he opposes the deal, claiming that Tehran has violated the "spirit" of the accord.

Iran says its nuclear programme is only for peaceful purposes.

Trump, Macron Agree to Continue Pressure on N. Korea