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Toyota launch the e-Palette

09 Enero 2018

Toyota revealed the e-Palette, an autonomous concept vehicle, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas on Monday.

The world's second-biggest carmaker said it plans to begin testing the e‐Palette concept vehicle in various regions, including the United States, in the early 2020s. The company is looking to deploy models at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics to transport associated personnel.

"The common ground between our two global brands is fueled by innovation that enriches peoples' lives", said Zack Hicks, Chief Executive Officer of Toyota Connected. The e-Palette is interesting because it's both an announcement of a mobility alliance and future platform, but it's also by design the physical embodiment of that platform: A sort of blank slate for a variety of transportation needs. The company launched its mobility services platform in earnest last year, however, and now it's making it clear that going forward they're going to be putting a lot of investment and focus behind taking the platform and turning into something with real commercial applicability and viability.

It's an ambitious and unusual approach to what's still a fledgling segment of the auto industry. He unveiled e-Palette, Toyota's autonomous concept vehicle, as proof of a new business landscape just over the horizon.

A video shown at the presentation has autonomous vehicles stopping to pick up passengers, other vehicles with work space so someone can continue work while commuting and another that delivers food. The alliance will create a broad-based ecosystem of hardware and software support designed to help a range of companies utilize advanced mobility technology to better serve customers.

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The technology promises to make batteries smaller, lighter and more affordable. Although the concept of a driverless Pizza Hut truck may seem farfetched, automaker Ford recently announced a similar initiative with Domino's Pizza with a specially-equipped Ford Fusion.

Toyota launch the e-Palette