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Source: Trump Called for Mueller's Firing June 2017

29 Enero 2018

The report states the order was not carried out last June and that White House counsel Don McGahn threatened to resign if the order was given.

My only other comment on the Times story is that it is based on four-count 'em, four!-anonymous sources.

After railing against The Times's story, Hannity appeared to concede once a Fox News correspondent confirmed the details. The special counsel's office, staff and records will not simply disappear if Mueller is removed, nor will the ongoing criminal prosecutions of Manafort and Gates, or the grand juries that Mueller has convened to hear testimony and receive evidence.

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Soon after Mueller's appointment, Mr. Trump raised three possible conflict of interest areas for the special counsel.

President Donald Trump declared Friday that a New York Times report that he wanted to fire special counsel Robert Mueller early last summer was "fake news". Also in June, the press reported that the with McGahn.

The first few stories that alleged President Trump was planning to fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller involved a few equivocations.

"I think lying to the American people is a serious issue that has to be explored". Despite all these obstacles, there is still an urgent need for Congress to enact one of two bipartisan Senate proposals to protect the special counsel. "I would do it under oath", he said. "Look at the car wreck, look at the car wreck!"

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But, according to the host, viewers shouldn't worry about it. "Does he not have the right to raise those questions?"

A similar narrative carried through the morning at Fox News.

Graham declined to speculate on what changed the White House's line of thinking about Mueller.

However, that wish conflicts with the desires of the Justice Department, which has said it would be "extraordinarily reckless" for the memo to be released before the department had a chance to review it. "Do you even care?" The purpose of said campaign? She agreed that it would have looked terrible if Trump fired Mueller and said it was a "huge mistake" for the president to have fired FBI director James Comey.

In the past week, some Republicans also cast doubt on the integrity of the investigation.

Mr Mueller learned of the incident in recent months as his investigators interviewed current and former senior White House officials in an inquiry into whether the President obstructed justice, the Times reported.

Along with Mr. Trump, Mr. Sessions led a March 2016 meeting at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, where one of the campaign's foreign policy advisers, George Papadopoulos, pitched the idea of a personal meeting between Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin. His wife, for what it's worth, lost. Ron Johnson (R, Wi.). You say, oh, I'm going to dismiss him. Seems kind of depressing.

Source: Trump Called for Mueller's Firing June 2017