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Schumer insisted Stephen Miller be kept out of WH immigration meeting

30 Enero 2018

While much of the debate to this point has been about young immigrants brought to this country as children illegally, the proposal's impact on legal immigration is drawing criticism from Democrats and some conservatives and it may sink chances for a bipartisan deal in Congress.

And in the name of halting illegal immigration, he has also demanded Congress budget $25 billion for a "trust fund" for constructing a wall on the US-Mexico border - a major plank of Trump's White House campaign.

Right, try telling that to the family of Kate Steinle, who was killed by an illegal immigrant who had been deported six times - in San Francisco.

Giving immigrants many things to worry about has been a top priority of the Trump administration, and Thursday's deportation threat is more evidence that the White House sees the 690,000 young people who benefit from DACA as a bargaining chip, not as 690,000 people with lives, jobs, homes, and families.

Mr. Dennis Coffman joins a long list of Republican believers who think they are somehow better off now that a reality TV show host, with no political experience, who is shackled by scandals and dysfunction, occupies the White House, instead of a black family that brought dignity, intelligence, style, compassion and leadership to the Presidency. He acknowledged the bipartisan common ground on protections for the immigrants now shielded by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA. Another 1 million are likely eligible for DACA but have not applied for it. Trump rescinded the Obama executive order that created DACA in the fall of 2017 but gave Congress six months to legislate a solution. Trump insisted that he would revisit the issue if legislators could not agree on a policy.

"It's a surprising move", Gillman says, "because it more than doubles the number of people that people expected the president would be willing to protect". It'd take more than 130 years, he estimates, for all Mexicans waiting for a legal visa to get one. Even when Democratic Senate leader Chuck Schumer agreed with Trump's demand for billions for the wall, there was still no deal.

On January 9th, 2018, a federal judge ordered the U.S. government to keep DACA with the same conditions that were included before its repeal in September.

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Graham has repeatedly suggested that Republicans with Cotton's immigration views shouldn't be part of these immigration talks.

"The White House proposal decimates the family immigration system and removes protections from asylum-seekers and unaccompanied children, among other harsh provisions", Appleby told Catholic News Service. But CIS's Krikorian said he believes it well could indicate how radical the party has become on immigration.

"I'm in constant fear that Mom will one day decide to go shopping to the grocery store and run into one of those checkpoints and that'll be it. I'll lose her, just like that", Corral said.

Others called on supporters to avoid patronizing companies and businesses that support mass deportation or anti-immigrant policies.

Tiffany Cross, founder of TheBeatDC, argued that Trump made an "empty promise" to build a "ridiculous" wall along the southern border. Since the early 2000s, immigration hawks have defined themselves by opposing "amnesty" - any legalization whatsoever for a significant population of undocumented immigrants.

But Democrats bristled at several items in the White House proposal they said aimed to please the GOP's immigration hardliners.

But proposed changes to legal immigration programs and funding for a border wall drew ire from Democrats. Though the former make less money than the latter initially, they make bigger income gains subsequently. "I am confident that we will get the reform that we need, and won't plant the seeds for problems with immigration in the future".

Schumer insisted Stephen Miller be kept out of WH immigration meeting