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Casa » Microsoft opens the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update floodgates

Microsoft opens the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update floodgates

14 Enero 2018

Microsoft has just issued a new version of their Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 17074 and it dramatically increases the functionality of ebooks in the Edge Browser. It is being perpetrated by the group behind the VenusLocker ransomware that was discovered in the second half of last year.

Rather than wait for Microsoft's signal, enterprises are encouraged to roll out upgrades, albeit to internal piloting programs, as soon as consumers are offered them, and then move on to environment-wide deployment as soon as testing is completed and corporate IT staff are confident workflows won't be sundered. 'App volume and device preferences' option has been added to the Sound Settings. Microsoft has also made many improvements to fixed layout EPUB books, so content should be arranged more predictably on the page.

In the latest preview build, Quiet Hours is automatically triggered when users mirror a display, ensuring that a presentation in front of a conference room full of colleagues isn't interrupted by a coworker's or loved one's ill-timed messages.

We've added a new pop-over menu for "Notes", making it a snap to navigate between annotations, notes, or highlights.

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The executive stated that enterprises and small businesses, which can be majorly affected in case of a ransomware attack, can use Windows Defender Exploit Guard, Windows Defender Application Guard, Microsoft Exchange Online Protection, and Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection to safeguard their data. You can now also take Books, PDFs, and Reading View pages full-screen. The CVV info is never saved, though, so you'll either have to memorise it or haul out the card anyway. What this means is that every device running a version of Windows 10 that is compatible with the Fall Creators Update, will now be able to receive the latest version via Windows Update.

Microsoft spiffed up its e-books experience, which is also part of Edge. See below for other EPUB, PDF, and Reading View changes. The previous update, the Creators Update, took about four months to reach this same stage. The automatic arrival of Windows 10 update 1709 on such client devices is expected to happen after Jan. 18. That box now triggers when you tap the pen on a text field, so you don't have to fumble with the software keyboard in tablet mode.

If you're experiencing this issue, you may want to check out this troubleshooting guide and follow the instructions to fix the problem. Version 1607 (Anniversary Update) and 1703 (Creators Update) are to fall off the support list in March 2018 and September 2018, respectively, while 1709 has until March 2019. "We build the latest security technology deep into the Windows OS to provide defence-in-depth features that prevent evolving malware and other vulnerabilities from impacting your device", Cable noted.

Microsoft opens the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update floodgates