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Iniesta: "Whoever comes, nobody will force me into retirement"

17 Enero 2018

The Liverpool boss vowed that the club will "carry on like this" and said that "London is not a bad city" in the case of Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, who left Arsenal to move to Anfield "for the football".

"There was no other option", said Klopp. "In the end, it was quite easy".

"I have every faith in the boys that we just move on now". Everything is fine. We have no money issues at this club.

"You know I'm not a manager who counts all the money and goes to the owners and says we need this".

Philippe Coutinho poses for the media after his unveiling as a Barcelona player on 8 January. If we'd have said what we could have done - here's your contract, and you have to stay here - it would have been difficult to use him in the second part of the season.

"To be honest, it was 100 percent clear [there was] no chance".

He noted that there is "always a team that is doing a little bit better" or have "a few more points or more money" but insisted that Liverpool "really have a lot to offer".

Liverpool need a top player to replace Philippe Coutinho, who effectively played in the midfield and also in the attack this season.

"We made the right statement", Klopp said afterwards, reflecting on an exhilarating encounter. It is our job to keep the wheels moving and momentum going. We talk about the age, the price, everything.

Si vamos al diálogo es porque está concertado con cancilleres — Calzadilla
El diputado Calzadilla no confirmó la participación de la delegación opositora en la reunión del jueves. "Eso se está consultando con todos ellos", añadió el diputado en alusión al próximo encuentro, que, como las demás reuniones de este proceso de diálogo iniciado en diciembre, volverá a celebrarse en la República Dominicana.

The highly-rated defender has previously been scouted by Manchester United and a host of other British clubs.

And he promised not to be weighed down by the £145m fee. I didn't mind too much people talking because I knew that's what would happen.

Coutinho's exit continued a damaging theme for Liverpool of losing key talents at their peak but Klopp insists he has sufficient talent at his disposal to compensate for the Brazil international's exit.

"So far we got all the players we wanted to have". I want to win titles and enjoy myself here'. Oxlade-Chamberlain. London is not a bad city I heard but he came here for the football.

"I'm happy that he is one of the best players in his position".

"If you are not brave in the things you do, you have another problem", he said. It is how it is. Liverpool's first XI has more than enough quality to absorb the loss of the Brazilian, particularly in games like last Sunday's when energy and desire take precedence over guile and flair. "He has subsequently reported this to the F.A., which will now begin making enquiries into the matter".

Liverpool are likely to dispute they lowered the transfer fee. "[Sturridge] is back in training, healthy and on the way to be fit again".

The prospect of Iniesta and Coutinho linking up is a mouth-watering vision.