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Fed Pays $80.2 Billion to Treasury

14 Enero 2018

After covering its own expenses, the US Federal Reserve transfers each year to the Ministry of Finance its remaining funds, which are used to reduce the budget deficit. He also expressed confidence that inflation will continue to tick up until it meets the Fed's 2 percent goal for healthy growth.

Rosengren's solution, proposed publicly for the first time in detail in his Friday speech, differs from approaches preferred by some of his colleagues, including targeting an average rate of 2-percent inflation, or lifting the inflation target to 4 percent.

After the global financial crisis, the Fed adopted a series of bond-buying programs in order to stimulate the economy.

Yet with U.S. unemployment low and economic growth robust, the bill could provide only a modest boost and, over 10 years, it is expected to balloon the deficit by $1.5 trillion. "These dynamics could counteract any favorable direct effects the tax package might have on capital spending and potential output". Zeroing in on a new cap on deducting state and local taxes, Dudley said the bill raises the cost of owning expensive properties in some areas and could diminish construction and prices. "I, for one, need to see more data", Minneapolis Federal Reserve Bank President Neel Kashkari said on Twitter, pushing back on the idea that inflation gains will convince Fed policymakers that inflation is on the upswing. The drop-off reflects a $13.8 billion increase in interest payments to member banks for their reserve balances because of higher interest rates set by the Federal Open Market Committee over the course of the year. Though such a condition has repeatedly presaged past recessions, Dudley said he was "not convinced" of that this time, noting if it were not flattening the Fed would be "behind the curve" in raising rates.

Despite his longer-term pessimism, Dudley raised his outlook for 2018 GDP growth from 2.5 percent to 2.75 percent.

Fed Pays $80.2 Billion to Treasury