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Fan gatecrashes press conference to ask Klopp about

17 Enero 2018

One of the lowest points of Wenger's tenure was selling Van Persie to arch rivals Manchester United for a mere £20 million in 2012, at a time when the Dutchman was the best striker in the Premier League.

In every press conference for the last few months, you have said that the Premier League is done.

With a quarter of an hour left to play, the former Queen's Park and Dundee United full back harried Bernardo Silva around the halfway line, forcing the Portuguese midfielder to play the ball back to Kyle Walker, who in turn passed it to his fellow defender John Stones.

Two of the major players will miss out on the lucrative prospect of Champions League qualification-which could have a devastating financial repercussions.

"It is not that I said in the meeting, 'Boys, by the way, it would help if you could win tonight and nobody would speak about Phil anymore' because we like to talk about him actually - and he was probably still jumping in his living room in Barcelona happy about the win, but, of course, it is important for us to show it is possible to play without him and we did that". The goal now is to get the legislature to move on the task force's recommendations.

Afterward, Jurgen Klopp used, well as NBC called it, "some fruity language" in his live postgame interview. "This is a big issue at the national level", Houston told KRMG.

So credit Guardiola for sticking to his guns and trying to outgun a side who have not lost at home in the league this season and, before yesterday, had conceded just four goals.

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Carabineros, que estaba cerca del lugar y llegó en pocos minutos, logró controlar el fuego y evitó el siniestro total de una de las naves.

Raheem Sterling, facing his old club, got little change out of Andrew Robertson and was substituted, to the pleasure of Liverpool's crowd.

"What the f**k was that?!"

The Reds boss watched on at Anfield as his team put Pep Guardiola's champions-elect to the sword in the second half as they took a 4-1 lead at a jubilant Anfield.

Manchester United sit in second place in the Premier League, which is great. Back in 1996, Sir Alex Ferguson's side would overhaul Newcastle United to win the title.

"I feel there has be times at Arsenal where you can see players who to me look like they're not motivated enough. But this is just one game, it is just three points, and we have to keep going".

Jurgen Klopp revels in Liverpool's performance against Manchester City, stressing the importance of showing they can win without Philippe Coutinho.

He added: "We are Liverpool and we should not try this way, to be honest". It's just a nice commercial for Premier League football. Based on high energy and continuous movement, the 'Gengenpressing' [pressing against] worked a treat again to hand City their first league defeat of the 2017/18 EPL season. Defensively they are still far too accident-prone, Loris Karius's goalkeeping can spread anxiety and Liverpool, winning 4-1 as the clock ticked into the 84th minute, came perilously close to throwing it all away.

Fan gatecrashes press conference to ask Klopp about