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Casa » Apple faces 26+ lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones

Apple faces 26+ lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones

10 Enero 2018

He praised the Apple store workers for sprinkling sand on the smoking battery and containing the situation. Effectively, Apple has forced the obsolescence of iPhones by secretly diminishing their performance.

And just last month, American Airlines announced that starting January 15, it will require passengers checking "smart bags" to remove the lithium ion batteries installed in the luggage to reduce the risk of fire in the cargo hold.

A man was injured when an iPhone battery overheated and the device exploded at an Apple Store in Zurich, leading to a temporary evacuation of those present on the premises.

Your iPhone must fail Apple's battery tests to qualify for additional $29 battery replacements.

Apple's reputation is already in the toilet when it comes to batteries thanks to the great throttling debacle.

Apple CEO Tim Cook can tap dance all he wants to iTunes music on his new Apple phone, but he can't overcome the fact that it appears the incredibly profitable company he leads pulled a fast one on many loyal customers. Apple will also cover the cost of shipping. A good reputation is its best selling point in an era where smartphone features are reaching parity. It would be like your dealership mechanic trying to make your car run worse so you get rid of it before it blows a head gasket. Apple says on its website that repairs can take up to five days. As if things weren't bad enough, now one of its iPhone batteries has exploded. Meanwhile, about 50 employees and customers were ushered out of the Apple Store. So, save yourself some time - and frustration - by calling ahead and finding out the particular location's inventory.

So if you thought that paying $58 for two battery replacements this year is still cheaper than the usual $79 fee, you should abandon such hopes. As of now, there is no information on who is actually responsible, whether the iPhone owner had unknowingly damaged it, or it got harmed during the battery removal procedure by the Apple Genius.

Apple faces 26+ lawsuits for slowing down older iPhones