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Trump likely to delay move of US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

01 Diciembre 2017

Jerusalem should indeed be recognized as Israel's capital, but only in the context of a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians.

A scheduled 30-minute meeting on waiving the 1995 law that requires the move the embassy stretched to two hours, and Trump stayed for nearly half of that.

The State Department recently advised American diplomatic posts in predominantly Muslim nations that an announcement about the embassy and Jerusalem's status is possible next week, and advised them to be vigilant about possible protests, officials said.

Recognizing Jerusalem as "undivided" would likely dash Palestinian hopes of establishing in East Jerusalem the capital of their hoped-for future state, and could upend the White House's current attempts to revive the stalled peace process.

The White House is considering a presidential statement on Jerusalem by Wednesday, according to the officials and an outside administration adviser, ABC reported.

New reports on Thursday (30 November) suggested that the president, instead of committing to the full move, could simply declare Jerusalem as the Israeli capital, a declaration that would still be highly charged.

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US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman said earlier this month that it his belief that President Trump would in fact move the embassy, calling tit a matter of "when, not if". It is not a question of if, it is a question of when.

Trump previously signed a waiver in June to delay the move, saying he would eventually approve the plan but wanted to maintain peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians.

Israel captured Arab East Jerusalem during the 1967 Middle East war and later annexed it, a move not recognised internationally.

The sources, who explained that the idea emerged on Monday during a meeting of National Security advisers, said that the White House also considers that it could be Vice President Mike Pence who will announce the decision directly on Israeli soil, where he will travel this December. Every six months since then, four consecutive presidents - Democratic and Republican (including Trump himself) - have signed such waivers.

Pence was speaking at an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the UN vote that led to the creation of Israel. King Abdullah is the custodian of the holy Muslim sites in Jerusalem.

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Trump likely to delay move of US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem