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Thousands evacuated in Ventura County — California wildfire

06 Diciembre 2017

However, the impact on natural life and environment is assumed to be massive, given the amount of area under fire. Here are 10 of both kinds.

The fire, dubbed the Thomas Fire, exploded to 45,500 acres - about 70 square miles - overnight and is 0 percent contained, fire officials announced at a morning news conference.

"I went outside and looked, and I saw the flames coming over the hill", he said.

"It is sad", Keasler said. Pass the apple wine, Dolly. It shows the average number of days with Santa Ana conditions. Hairston was futzing around with a song about the war, and Gaye was toying with the idea of a holiday song. The person who lost his life, died in a traffic accident on a road close to the fire.

She had been awakened by a neighbor's phone call and had time to grab a few possessions from a safe - among them her late husband's wedding ring and watch - as well as her dog, Carson.

"The house was totally engulfed in flames", he said. This schmaltz-bomb is the king of depressing (ly awful) Christmas songs. "There aren't many, but this is one of them". Reasons for the season!

In a tweet, the Los Angeles Times shared an image of the latest size of the map and the areas affected by its perimeter including the city of Ventura which has a population of more than 100,000 residents. "The whole hospital is gone". Winds will diminish in the afternoon. "We are a resilient city, we are a strong city, we are a capable city". He wasn't sad. He put the destruction into perspective. What kind of con is this kid running? Second: Are we supposed to celebrate the narrator's begrudging generosity? "Embers were flying through and it seemed like we were going to be OK".

UPDATE: The music video, as has been pointed out, contains scenes from the made-for-TV movie of the same name.

Here's another one about war - as you perhaps might imagine from a band called Celtic Thunder, it's less cool than the Gaye song.

The first of the fires erupted suddenly on Monday as people slept and spread quickly in and around the cities of Santa Paula and Ventura in Ventura County. "It's not a loss of life or anything".

"We're alive and we're healthy", he said.

"It was just ember control", he said. In addition, more people live in homes built in the pathway of the Santa Ana winds, which are just as fierce in December as they are September, he added. Then, in Santa's arms at last, the kid dies. And conditions are so dry and cool, so there's a lot of fuel for the fires. I mean, how's it going?

"We expect to be out here all week fighting and containing this fire", LA Mayor Eric Garcetti said. As I was reared in the evangelical church, I am perhaps behind on the intricacies of an altar boy's duties.

The Pogues, "Fairytale of New York".

California's governor declared Tuesday a state of emergency in Ventura County as brush fires destroyed hundreds of homes and prompted tens of thousands of residents to evacuate. The winds, which originate inland, are similar to the Diablo winds that fueled the wildfires in Northern California.

Thousands evacuated in Ventura County — California wildfire