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Samsung to Supply 180-200 Million OLED Displays to Apple in 2018

21 Diciembre 2017

Which is the best display on a smartphone.

Numerous reports have suggested that Apple Inc. will unveil three new iPhones next year. According to industry sources, Samsung will end up supplying a mammoth number of flexible OLED panels for the iPhone lineup in 2018 and that will only result in higher revenues for the Korean tech behemoth. If it will be increasing its shipments to Apple by nearly 400% next year, that means it is looking at a revenue of almost $22 billion. Two models will retain the organic light-emitting diode or OLED display of the iPhone X, while the third device will be a more budget-friendly liquid-crystal display model.

This means Samsung Display could earn a revenue of up to $22 billion next year thanks to its partnership with Apple, according to the estimates reported by Korean media outlet The Investor. This isn't surprising considering the recent reports that Apple will launch a 5.8-inch OLED iPhone like the current iPhone X's and a larger "iPhone X Plus" model with a 6.4-inch display. Brokerages expect Samsung Display's quarterly small to midsized OLED sales to exceed 10 trillion beginning in 2018. Today, we'll look at that and other Apple Rumors for Wednesday.

A report about a foldable iPhone, due out in 2020, will reportedly be a partnership between Apple and LG Corp.

Market researcher IHS Markit estimated the unit price of an OLED display including the prices of cover glass and a touch sensor at US$110. Samsung is now closing in on 90% yield rates, which would allow it to manufacture 224 million 6-inch OLED panels per year. Even though actual supplies will be different considering actual panel sizes, utilization rates, and supply periods, it can be understood that Samsung Display will be able to manage to supply enough OLED volume for the iPhone to Apple with its existing production capacity next year.