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North Korea condemns 'dotard' Trump over Jerusalem move

13 Diciembre 2017

North Korea launched a new intercontinental ballistic missile late last month, ending a two-month hiatus for missile launches from the country.

Especially because the two countries are taunting each other with the threat of nuclear strikes at the moment.

The UN human rights chief said Monday North Korea's leadership has cracked down on human rights by further restricting movements and making "horrific" prison conditions more severe amid tensions over its nuclear and missile tests, FOX News reported.

Rodman has been to North Korea five times, most recently in January 2014. "Basically, they said it's not a good time right now", he told the Guardian.

Of course, President Trump's re-imposing the moniker of "state sponsor of terrorism" on North Korea is also political. The Blue Samurai, the Japanese national team, will clinch the title if they avoid defeat against fierce rivals South Korea at the weekend.

Dennis Rodman first met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un in 2013. The move is designed to increase only symbolic pressure against a regime that is unlikely to give up its nuclear program, which among other things, is designed to deter the United States from ousting Kim Jong-un from power-just as the U.S. has done with the leaders of non-nuclear nations, such as Haiti, Panama, Serbia, Iraq, and Libya. The proliferation of prohibited media content entering the country means that awareness of conditions on the outside is growing, albeit to a degree that is difficult to measure.

"Considering the fact that the mentally deranged dotard openly called for a total destruction of a sovereign state at the UN, this action is not so surprising", said a foreign ministry spokesperson as quoted by the state-run KCNA news agency (via AFP) on Saturday.

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The round-robin championship features Japan, China, North Korea and South Korea and concludes on Dec. 16.

China and Russia intensely dislike THAAD, whose powerful sensory systems are capable of monitoring activity well inside Chinese and Russian territory from bases in South Korea. The fixes were valued at about $12.5 million, reported on Sept. 13.

The ban came after the death of American student Otto Warmbier.

"The pattern is to identify women who are pregnant, so the camp authorities can get rid of the babies through forced abortion, torture or very hard labor", Human Rights Without Frontiers Director Willy Fautre, told TheNYT.

The mountain is believed to be the site of the deadliest volcano eruption in history and there are fears it may erupt again as a result of North Korea's nuclear weapons testing. Which is fun. Like a playground game of conkers, only with devastating effects on the entire human population.

The active volcano along the Chinese and North Korean border offered a "warm welcome" to the diminutive despot as it showed "joy at the appearance of the peerlessly illustrious commander who controls nature".

North Korea condemns 'dotard' Trump over Jerusalem move