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Israel strikes Syrian military facilities

07 Diciembre 2017

Syrian state TV reported that the air defense system managed to intercept three Israeli missiles.

According to pro-regime Radio Sham FM, this video shows a surface to air missile being launched towards Israeli forces.

Israel has fired missiles at a Syrian military facility north-west of Damascus, according to a Syrian military source and a war monitor.

The scientific research center in Jamraya was established during the 1980s and is believed to be one of the most important research centers in the country.

With details still emerging on Israel's Friday attack against a military site south of the Syrian capital city of Damascus, a strike which Israeli media have presented as being an attack against Iran, a new round of strikes was reported Monday night, against different targets in metro Damascus.

"Our air defenses are confronting an Israeli missile attack on one of our sites in the Damascus suburbs and three of the targets were downed", state news agency SANA reported.

Israel reportedly has carried out dozens of airstrikes in Syria in the more than six years of the country's civil war, generally against arms convoys bringing weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon that Israel fears will be used against it.

A few days later, ImageSat International took photographs, also with the EROS-B satellite of the site, which further supported the BBC claim. If it is, according to ISI's intelligence unit, it likely pointed to the presence of Iranians or other foreign Muslims.

The same site was apparently targeted by Israel back in 2013.

"The fact that we were trying to accommodate Iran has empowered Iran across the globe, and when president says he inherited a mess that is in greater Middle East, we have to address growing Iranian capability, and their use of militias, proxies and terrorist organisation".

The statement came as officials from the US National Security Council flew into Israel for talks with security heads, primarily over the US-Russia agreement. "But I think it's higher than people think". Another witness said thick smoke could be seen rising over the area.

Israel strikes Syrian military facilities