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Space Station Getting Delivery From Wallops Island

12 Noviembre 2017

With just one minute left for the button to be pressed for lift-off, all the flight controllers were abruptly stopped at 7:36 a.m. EST.

The rocket should be visible from Northern Virginia within 60 to 90 seconds from the launch.

NASA's Wallops Flight Facility will try again Sunday to launch a rocket carrying crucial cargo and science experiments to the International Space Station. The launch is expected to be visible across much of the East Coast. Past launches have met a series of weather delays, but NASA is expecting a 95 percent favorable forecast.

The Antares rocket, fresh off being raised vertically early Friday morning, awaits launch set for Saturday, Nov. 11. It attributed the delay to a "small aircraft" spotted flying at 500 feet about six miles offshore.

The mission will be the eighth for Orbital ATK, which has a $1.9bn (£1.44bn) contract with NASA to resupply the ISS over several years.

"We were working no issues until an aircraft flew into restricted airspace", the aerospace company said on Twitter. "We are currently de-tanking and will be ready to go tomorrow morning", Orbital ATK tweeted.

Hosting its first major mission in more than a year, Wallops attracted the customary crush of visitors.

NASA TV will begin coverage at 7 a.m. on the agency website.

The attached cargo ship will help researchers conduct studies on how space's microgravity affects the E.coli bacteria's resistance to antibiotics, and another NASA experiment will test feasibility of faster communications between people in space and on earth.