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Microsoft Edge preview for iPhone updated with battery life improvements, more

03 Noviembre 2017

The original Microsoft browser, Internet Explorer, was the reason for numerous Internet jokes in the past years. However, it appears that now that is no longer the case.

Declining to share app usage data with Google (he's not that nice), he goes on to complete the demo in his rival's browser, to a chorus of giggles from the audience. With the latest update, Microsoft is finally improving the Edge browser for iPhone with fixes for battery life and more.

What it should do is team up with Google to make Chrome the default browser on Windows computers.

This video was uploaded on September 29, but only recently started gaining traction thanks to the popular "cringe" subreddit, or forum, on Reddit.

Google Chrome is continuing to dominate the desktop browser industry, while Microsoft, which once believed its Edge client would be the next big thing, is having a tough time keeping its engineers on board. When it comes to its looks, the Android versions uses the same simple design, that is not too flashy. Let us know if you continue to experience high battery consumption.

The update packs a slew of battery life improvements and several bug fixes that are supposed to enhance the way the mobile browser works on your iPhone.

Microsoft has finally fixed a bug where the iPhone overheats when Edge browser is running in the background. Apart from the above-mentioned changes, Microsoft has successfully improved the overall performance, the app now feels smoother and better than ever.