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Wildfire smoke prompts health advisory

13 Octubre 2017

The district issued a smoke advisory yesterday (Oct. 10) because of the wildfires, which have burned tens of thousands of acres, and later in the day issued a health advisory and Spare the Air alert. "We are joining forces with the rest of our sports community to help relief efforts and encourage any fans who are able to help by donating as well".

"When you have levels that are as unhealthy as we are seeing now, it's important for everyone to find a way to protect themselves from the smoke or to get out of the smoke all together", said Lisa Fasano, a spokeswoman for the district.

The fires have compromised air quality through much of the Bay Area, including the Stanford campus. Sensitive groups include children, the elderly and people with lung disease.

"The health caution will remain in place and smoke impacts will continue until the fires are extinguished", officials said in a statement.

As of 3 p.m. Thursday, most monitors around the Sacramento region reported good air quality, the highest rank possible.

Devastating wildfires in the North Bay this week have destroyed thousands of homes and businesses, left numerous residents dead or missing, and deeply affected the lives of untold numbers of people.

The Bay Area's seven major professional sports organizations have untied to donate a combined $450,000 to the North Bay fire relief efforts, according to a press release. Graduate students should contact Ken Hsu, assistant vice provost and director of the Graduate Life Office, at (650) 723-8357 or kyhsu@stanford.edu.

The prediction lines up with air-quality forecasts. "You are part of our family and we are holding all of you close to our hearts". It's difficult, however, to predict where smoke will go because fire characteristics, surface winds and the winds aloft are so dynamic, he said.

The High Street bridge in East Oakland, as seen from a balcony in the Fruitvale neighborhood on Tuesday. Fresno Unified has also canceled all outdoor activities.

Wildfire smoke prompts health advisory