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South Korea claims North hacked nuclear attack response plans

12 Octubre 2017

The moves suggest Pyongyang is hoping to sharpen the Army's ability to sneak into the South and heightens fears of North Korean agents operating behind enemy lines.

The university's email also told residents and visitors to the school to prepare for emergency sirens and to follow instructions. North Korea routinely denies responsibility.

Pyongyang said South Korea is "fabricating" the hacking claims.

Highly-trained special forces in the hermit kingdom have been carrying out paragliding infiltration exercises targeting the South Korean capital of Seoul.

Most recently, multiple reports suggest North Korean hackers stole information from South Korea that outlines plans for war-time efforts between the South Korea-U.S. coalition and North Korea, according to the BBC.

Trump has repeatedly warned North Korea that a military option is on the table. South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff say the bombers flew from Anderson Air Force base in Guam and entered the Korean Air Defense Identification Zone at around 8:50 p.m. Joined by South Korean F-15K fighters, the B-1Bs simulated air to ground missile firing over the East Sea.

According to Chosun Ilbo, the ministry disclosed the leak in documents submitted to Rhee Cheol-hee, a member of the country's legislature, in response to a freedom of information request. Another 25 percent of the bonds will be of 10-year maturity, and the remaining 30 percent will be 20-year, 30-year and 50-year bonds. The South Korean Agency refers to local military sources.

BEIJING - South Korea's new ambassador to China said Tuesday that consensus is growing that the ongoing dispute over a U.S. missile defense called THAAD is "not desirable" for their bilateral ties. He has informed North Korea that the U.S. will devastate North Korea if it takes its provocations too far.

The country has said that it had successfully tested miniaturised hydrogen bomb which could be loaded onto a long-range missile.

Operating profit is estimated at 516 billion won (US$453 million) in the July-September period, compared to an operating income of 283 billion won a year earlier, LG Electronics said in a regulatory filing.

South Korea claims North hacked nuclear attack response plans