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Microsoft warns the UK of possible Xbox One X shortage

31 Octubre 2017

"It's natural to assume Roblox will be on more and more platforms", says Baszucki. Then, when a new console is switched on the option of using these settings will be presented during the sign-in process. We are here now anyway. It's very similar in appearance to last year's Xbox One S, but we prefer the older console's striking white color to the more traditional black finish of the Xbox One X. Regardless, it is impressive in its size (or lack thereof), especially when compared to the launch Xbox One model. Some games also received enhancements such as Resolution and quality modes, dynamic resolution toggle, 9x original pixel counts, and more.

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Alpha Circle insiders can already benefit from the newest Xbox One system software update which brings a lot of interesting new features.

The next big launch for Microsoft is the Xbox One X console in November. Pre-orders are currently available at the official Xbox website and select retailers.

We're now just one week out from the release of the Xbox One X, and today Amazon and Microsoft have announced that the Xbox One Prime Video app will be ready to go once the console launches on November 7. Many early adopters were rightly disapointed because of the hoops they felt they needed to jump through to receive a polished console instead of so many corrected versions.

"If I think about the home console market, there is actually growth there this year, which I think is great", adds Eagle.

Xbox UK has warned consumers over week one shortages of its new X console as it kicks off its marketing campaign. Nintendo is doing a really great job. Now Roblox's developers have a real opportunity to make money from Xbox gamers, while simultaneously giving those gamers more games to play for free. There's a bunch of other paperwork too, but you'll inevitably chuck that the garbage once you're filling your eyeballs with screaming-fast 60fps 4K games.