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Maduro's popularity increases, opposition expected to make gains in regional elections — Venezuela

14 Octubre 2017

"In theory, I leave on Sunday", he said in a text message.

"The accumulated hatred and helplessness faced with the lack of a solution to the crisis make thse elections and opportunity to send a message of discontent", said Jesus Seguias, director of the Venezuelan Datincorp Institute. But the situation is very difficult.

The National Assembly stripped authority from the TSJ and canceled its operation in Venezuela because some magistrates were loyal to the controversial ruling National Constituent Assembly. History, at least, can offer him comfort on that front.

Venezuelan website Supuesto Negado estimates that the latest popularity ratings could mean that the president has a loyal base of between 3.3-3.7 million voters. "It's an inescapable requirement".

Maduro in April signaled Venezuela would abandon the OAS, which it accused of helping to foment economic and political instability as part of a plan by Washington to enable a collapse of the government.

The magistrates designated by the Parliament have been holed up for more than two months in embassies in Caracas or exiled in other countries. Opposition control of most governorships could have "a huge symbolic impact in the rest of the country". We will protect Venezuelan people from humanitarian harassment, money laundering and the ongoing corruption inside the Venezuelan government.

Venezuela has been hurt by the downward spiral of oil prices as well as government mismanagement, critics says. According to illegitimate Attorney General Tarek William Saab, Maduro's regime is processing a red alert at Interpol for the capture of Euzenando Prazeres de Acevedo.

He has increasingly turned to the military to keep order as challenges to his authority grow.

Also present at the ceremony were the former opposition mayors of Chacao and El Hatillo, Ramon Muchacho and David Smolansky. GDP is projected to contract 7.4 percent this year.

Mr. Maduro insisted Venezuela was paying its dues, but strongly hinted at his wish to discuss restructuring its $1 billion debt to Russia. "There's no point in ruining ties with Russia", he said. We have 300,000 Venezuelans now in Colombia. He added that Venezuelan authorities will be alerting Interpol in hopes of obtaining his capture. "It's not certain the government will let me leave". China's main goal will be to protect the significant interests it has racked up, including $60 billion in loans.

Venezuela's opposition is projected in polls to win a majority of governorships in Sunday's election.

Venezuela's exit from the OAS cannot take place until 2019.

As the country spirals further into economic calamity, the election is likely to be scrutinized as an indicator of both how much support President Nicolas Maduro maintains and whether the opposition is still able to mobilize disenchanted supporters. We provide them with health, with education, food.