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Casa » California declares state of emergency amid hepatitis A outbreak

California declares state of emergency amid hepatitis A outbreak

14 Octubre 2017

Fire shot in California "hepatitis A" alarm entry date: 14.10.2017 06:32 date of renovation: 14.10.2017 06:33 Following forest fires that began last Sunday in U.S. state of California, this time "emergency" was declared due to fatal hepatitis A outbreak.

The California Department of Public Health will now be able to purchase vaccines directly from manufacturers and distribute them to communities affected by the Hepatitis A outbreak.

"California is currently experiencing the largest person-to-person hepatitis A virus outbreak in the United States since the hepatitis A vaccine became available 22 years ago", the governor said in his proclamation.

"Vaccinating people at risk of exposure is the most effective tool we have to prevent the spread of hepatitis A infection during an outbreak", said California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Director and State Public Health Officer Dr. Karen Smith.

The risk of hepatitis A infection is associated with poor sanitation and hygiene and is transmitted through ingestion of contaminated food and drink or through direct contact with an infectious person.

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Chavez has also announced that since outbreak of province, 81 thousand doses of vaccine have been distributed with resource provided by central administration, but local governments have a shortage of supply despite demand for more vaccines. "Today's order will help ensure communities can continue to deliver the vaccines where they are needed most".

Sacramento residents who are struggling to access the vaccine can call the county health department at 916-875-5881.

San Diego Country has the worst outbreak in the state, with 490 cases confirmed as of Tuesday.

For more information about hepatitis A, review our frequently asked questions and visit the CDHP's website.