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Apple pushes iOS 11.0.3 update with sundry fixes

12 Octubre 2017

It's time to check the settings app for a software update again.

Apple Watch demand the biggest positive surprise -potentially doubling revenue by 2019.

According to Mr Kuo, the reasoning behind Apple to add the TrueDepth camera system to the iPad Pro lineup would be to offer the users an experience that would be consistent with the iPhone X.

Daryanani said that he is still positive on Apple's stock due to the higher price of the iPhone X as well as an encouraging trend from the survey that shows more than half of customers prefer the $1,149 256 GB version vs. the $999 64 GB version of the iPhone X. He noted that investors are concerned about the apparent lack of interest in the iPhone 8 and extreme supply constraints on the iPhone X, and this is weighing on Apple stock. The Yelp backend also supports reservations, booking, and more for participating businesses.

Since the 2013 first quarter, iPhone sales have made up over half of Apple's revenue. Likely not, but that doesn't stop the rumor mill in Korea from expanding on that original rumor.

Amid Samsung's near monopoly in mobile OLED production, Apple has been strengthening its partnership with LG Display, its long-time LCD partner. Until then, they'll be happy to see the rumor that makes them look innovative without actually having to do anything. Apple sold 211.9 million iPhones in 2016, a drop from the 231.2 million units it sold in 2015. The first big changes are expected in iOS 11.1, which is already in beta and should hopefully be out later this month. In the year-ago period, Apple reported revenue of $46.9 billion and gross margin of 38%.

Phishing attacks within mobile apps are mush less common and what makes this one so potentially dangerous is the fact that iPhones users are so accustomed to the 'Enter your Apple ID' pop-up.

Click on the image (via Reddit) to open it in full size, and then zoom in on the device.

Apple pushes iOS 11.0.3 update with sundry fixes