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$1.58 Earnings Per Share Expected for Apple Inc. (AAPL) This Quarter

12 Octubre 2017

There is a limited supply of essential parts for the iPhone X models, and the company can't make enough to cover the 250m or so new iPhones expected to be sold globally in the next year.

On the mobile front, the big takeaways from the report are that the iPhone is clearly the device of choice for teens, media consumption continues to move toward streaming and Snapchat, despite its struggles to gain a broader audience, is still the social media platform of choice for teens and is even seeing its dominance here grow.

In the car is arguably one of the places where wireless charging is most useful, and we generally like Omnia's design and implementation. The company had revenue of $45.41 billion for the quarter, compared to analyst estimates of $44.94 billion. The Samsung Galaxy X is rumored to be close to completion and we could see it sooner than we think. Millennials might have been the first fully digital native generation presenting certain challenges, but Gen Z has been even more challenging with its frugality and notoriously ad-averse mindset.

Because Apple's new iPhone X features a much narrower aspect ratio than the rest of the iPhone lineup, apps aren't going to take up the full screen unless they're reworked a bit by developers. Meanwhile, It has been speculated that Apple will no longer source some of their components from #Samsung in the near future.

Other suggested names for the top-end model include iPhone Pro, or iPhone X or iPhone 10. Some say that this is due to Apple's fear that Samsung will steal their technology. Now Apple is seen moving to LG with foldable panels.

Both the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus boast bigger and faster camera sensors - just like the iPhone X - to deliver richer colors, faster autofocus and better low-light performance. We've also seen dozens of photos of the iPhone X in the wild, since eager Apple fans have been snapping pics whenever they see one. Apple is rumoured to be considering investing in this plant, but a deal hasn't been finalised. In fact, some predict that Apple will have trouble keeping up with demand until at least February of 2018.

LG may begin supplying Apple with OLED displays as early as 2019, reports said, which may very well spell Apple's farewell bid to their partnership with Samsung.

Nikkei is repeating claims of iPhone X production delays first reported last month; suppliers are apparently still struggling with ramping up yields.

$1.58 Earnings Per Share Expected for Apple Inc. (AAPL) This Quarter