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Trump urges the United Kingdom to put more pressure on North Korea

24 Setiembre 2017

The U.S. Geological Survey said that it detected a magnitude 3.5 quake in the area of previous North Korean nuclear tests, but that it was unable to confirm whether the event was natural. Earlier this month the UN Security Council unanimously adopted its ninth round of sanctions on Pyongyang to counter its nuclear and ballistic missiles programs.

"Through such a prolonged and arduous struggle, now we are finally only a few steps away from the final gate of completion of the state nuclear force", Ri said. It does, however, raise many questions, including: How would the North undertake such a nuclear test, what risks might it pose to Japan and how would the USA respond?

It is "a forlorn hope to think that we will be hostile forces", Ri said Saturday.

China accounts for some 90% of the North's trade, making its cooperation critical to efforts to derail Pyongyang's nuclear and missile development.

"Rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime", Trump said.

This week marked a new level of acrimony in a blistering war of words between Kim and Trump, with the North Korean leader calling the American president "mentally deranged" and a "dotard".

Pyongyang conducted its sixth and largest nuclear test on September 3 and has launched dozens of missiles this year as it accelerates a program aimed at enabling it to target the United States with a nuclear-tipped missile.

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Susan Thornton, the acting secretary of state for East Asia and the Pacific, said Friday a North Korean H-bomb test in the Pacific would be "outrageous".

This could be a big blow to North Korea since China is it's main trading partner and energy supplier.

Elleman said the missile of choice in a North Korean atmospheric H-bomb test likely would be its longest-range ballistic missile, known as the Hwasong-14, which apparently has the capability of reaching the USA mainland, or the intermediate-range Hwasong-12. She called on world powers to toughen their approach to President Kim Jong-un's actions.

As Pyongyang continues to move ahead with its nuclear programme, tension builds up in the Korean Peninsula.

Two B1-B Lancer bombers were seen flying in menacing formation with four F-35B stealth jets and four South Korean F-15K fighters in a joint military drill.

The North Korean diplomat said that he "feels forced to make comments on someone who calls himself the US president", adding that "it's fair enough for me to respond in the corresponding tone".

The US jets also conducted formation training with Japanese fighters over sea near the southern island of Kyushu.

Trump urges the United Kingdom to put more pressure on North Korea