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Hillary Says No 'Absolution' For Women Who Didn't Vote For Her

17 Setiembre 2017

Hillary Clinton is warning Americans that their president poses "a clear and present danger" to the nation.

Clinton, in an interview to National Public Radio ahead of the book release, said she would continue to raise voices for the people.

The failed Democratic presidential candidate sat with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday and talked about the new relaxation methods she's picked up since the stunning defeat.

"The night of the election, I was at the office late, hard at work with final retouching on (Favre's) image".

Hillary Clinton said that its time to eliminate the Electoral College.

Trump in a couple of tweets described Clinton as a "crooked" person who blames everybody and everything except herself, for her election loss.

In two tweets spaced just minutes apart, the 45th president of the United States criticised Clinton's new book, which dissects her losing 2016 election campaign in detail. "He was focused on solving problems, not placing blame, which was what most of her campaign was about", Sanders said.

"If it's all my fault, then the media doesn't need to do any soul searching", Clinton wrote.

"They don't have to buy it", he told TIME in a brief interview at the United Nations Thursday.

'Yes, I have, ' Clinton said. "I didn't know what to think about it, because I knew there was nothing there".

As for Putin, Clinton writes that he had a "personal vendetta against me and deep resentment toward the United States".

According to the Washington Examiner, readers have not been impressed with the book, calling it "complete garbage", an "overrated piece of fiction", and "hastily slapped together". That's when they got a surprise: fresh, piping hot pizza from famed New York pizzeria Joe's Pizza, signed: "From the Secretary".

Hillary Says No 'Absolution' For Women Who Didn't Vote For Her