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Google Maps is receiving a cool Android Oreo feature in version 9.60

03 Setiembre 2017

We guess it's as newsworthy as stating the fact that the sun's going to rise tomorrow morning, but it seems that Google is already working on the next version of its super-popular mobile OS - Android P. The custom OS is based on the open source Android Oreo and brings all the bells and whistles of the Oreo update, along with endless customizations.

But since, it's a Nexus series device; it ought to have a huge developer community behind it. And the device is no exception as it has a massive active developer community; which has now blessed the device with unofficial LineageOS 15.0, which is now available for download. If we consider past releases, P might be launched somewhere between July and August.

If you're disappointed with Nougat's performance on your Nexus 6P, you'll probably want to download Android Oreo now or soon after it arrives for your device.

The Nexus 6P Android 8.0 Oreo release is moving slowly and some owners won't see the update prompt popup for a few more days at least. To switch to recovery mode, press Volume Down and Power button simultaneously after switching off the device.

Google has made some tweaks in the build number of the smartphones.

If you don't have a Pixel or Nexus device, you're among most of the Android users who are waiting for the latest Oreo treat; possibly, it could take months to arrive. As one of our own Google Pixels running on Google's Project Fi has just gotten the OTA.

This week Google started rolling out Android Oreo to devices.

If the update has not hit your phone, feel free to grab the APK version at APK Mirror or any other trusted website you know.

Pixel is Google's reference smartphone lineup, to show off Android's newest capabilities with timely updates and hardware to support it. The original Pixel and Pixel XL earned high marks in reviews.

Previous reports that the PIP experience on Maps was affected by rendering issues and constant app crashes are no more thanks to this updated version.

A recent FCC filing revealed what is believed to be details of the smaller Pixel successor. Grouping notifications into a channel allows you to customise them all together: for example, all your Facebook notifications will have a personalised sound and vibration.

The new Google Maps 9.6 also adds a new shortcut feature.

Google Maps is receiving a cool Android Oreo feature in version 9.60