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Unacceptable Assault on Venezuela's National Assembly

08 Julio 2017

This violence, perpetrated during the celebration of Venezuela's independence, is an assault on the democratic principles cherished by the men and women who struggled for Venezuela's independence 206 years ago today. As the Scott administration has been slow - compared to other states - in responding to last week's request from the White House, a letter signed by Florida Democratic Party Chairman Stephen Bittel and the party's legislative leaders implored Secretary of State Ken Detzner to reject the request.

A total of 45 people in the mall, including 17 children, received emergency medical treatment, said Ramon Muchacho, mayor of the Caracas district Chacao, which is an opposition stronghold.

He has ambitions to become Venezuela's president and would likely be one of the most popular opposition aspirants in any future election.

The officer, Óscar Pérez, said in a video posted online that his helicopter attack on June 27th had been a success, inflicting structural damage on the supreme court and interior ministry buildings in Caracas, the capital, without leaving any "collateral damage". But police firing tear gas pushed them back and even chased some fleeing demonstrators into a huge shopping mall and shot the stinging gas in there, too.

Maduro retains the public backing of the military high command - a key factor in keeping him in power, according to analysts.

Venezuela is currently suspended from the regional customs union over a dispute over its legal framework, a decision which worsened a deterioriating relationship since President Mauricio Macri was elected and former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff was impeached.

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Venezuela's Supreme Court said Lopez had been granted house arrest due to health problems, but his family could not immediately confirm what those were.

Maduro, 54, the successor to Hugo Chavez, called that attack a terrorist assault to overthrow him and lambasted Western nations for not condemning it.

Goldman Sachs manages $478 million in what is known as the state's "Long Duration Portfolio".

She accuses Maduro of violating the constitution through his plans to convene an unelected assembly to rewrite the constitution.

Although he has claimed wider support within the security forces, Perez's actions so far appear to be a rogue stunt organized by a small group of disaffected policemen. The attack on the legislature by Maduro's supporters came just after Cardinal Jorge Urosa Savino of Caracas charged that the country is experiencing a "government war against the people".

On Wednesday, Venezuela's opposition-controlled congress approved a July 16 referendum that will allow the country to decide if it wants the constitutional assembly.

Unacceptable Assault on Venezuela's National Assembly