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The Latest: Taliban stalk hospital killing wounded police

24 Julio 2017

In northern Faryab province's Lawlash district two police were killed late Saturday night when Taliban used the cover of darkness to attack the district headquarters, setting fire to the police headquarters buildings, Abdul Karim Yourish, provincial police chief spokesman, said on Sunday.

At least 12 people have been killed and 10 wounded after a suicide car bomb attacked targeted Afghanistan's capital Kabul, police said.

Interior Ministry spokesman Najib Danish said police were working around the clock to keep the capital secure, however he said intelligence to thwart attacks also required the public's co-operation.

Amir Helam, whose friend died in the explosion, told Afghanistan's Tolo TV that "every day people are dying. Many of the shops had just opened".

The report said in the civilian casualties caused by IED tactics, majority were killed by the use of suicide devices.

Statement released by Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid said the group was targeting a bus carrying Afghan intelligence officers but it was not clear if they were able to achieve it.

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No group has claimed responsibility yet, but the Taliban militant group and the so-called Islamic State (Isis) group's affiliate in the country have carried out several attacks in Kabul in the past.

"The sound was very strong, the ground shook", said Mohammed Nader, who owns a convenience store in the neighborhood.

The bombing is part of a string of recent attacks and comes as President Trump is deciding whether to send several thousand more U.S. troops to the country.

The official says 42 people were wounded in the attack early on Monday morning. Officials said the district collapsed after heavy fighting at about 2 a.m. But this was not the end - 220 kilometres away, the Taliban also managed to seize control of Ghor?s Taywara district early Sunday.

Neighbouring Pakistan issued a statement condemning the attack and saying that "terrorism is a common enemy". Both countries routinely accuse the other of harbouring their enemy insurgents.

Third, Tehran has accepted the prospect of the Taliban outliving the diminishing military campaign directed against it. Consequently, it makes sense for Iranians to improve ties with the insurgent group and preserve options for the future.

The Latest: Taliban stalk hospital killing wounded police