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Casa » Kate and William meet Holocaust survivors on visit to Nazi concentration camp

Kate and William meet Holocaust survivors on visit to Nazi concentration camp

19 Julio 2017

The royal couple is on a five-day goodwill trip to Poland and Germany aimed at underscoring Britain's intention to maintain friendly relations with the European Union (EU) after it leaves the bloc. During World War II, more than one hundred thousand people were sent to Stutthof for imprisonment, and 93,000 people were killed by the Nazis.

Zigi Shipper and Manfred Goldberg had been there before, however. In 1945, both detainees were rescued when they were 14-years-old and they became lifetime friends.

Yesterday, in an emotional visit to the camp where they saw so many die, they returned to Stutthof for the first time.

British royals visiting the Stutthof concentration camp stress the "overwhelming responsibility" to never forgot or repeat the horrors of the Holocaust.

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When the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the gas chamber at Stutthof outside Gdansk today, it was the first time either of them had visited a Nazi concentration camp.

They also visited the museum with loads of discarded shoes and clothing which were taken from the people on their arrival to the #Nazi Concentration Camp.

The duke and duchess along with their two children - four-year-old Prince George and two-year-old Princess Charlotte - arrived in Poland on Monday as part of a week-long royal tour of that country, and Germany, on behalf of Britain's Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

"This shattering visit has reminded us of the horrendous murder of six million Jews, drawn from across the whole of Europe, who died in the abominable Holocaust", the royal couple wrote.