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GOP senators unclear which bill they will vote on next week

24 Julio 2017

Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) and Susan Collins's (R-Maine) earlier announcements - killed the chances of getting on to McConnell's repeal-and-replace bill directly.

Confusion pervaded the national capitol Wednesday as President Donald Trump once again switched directions on health care, scolding Republican senators at a White House lunch to stay in town until they "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act or Obamacare as he calls it. The CBO estimates federal Medicaid spending would decline by $842 billion by 2026, largely due to elimination of Medicaid expansion. In order to qualify for such funds, an issuer must offer sufficient minimum coverage on the Exchange that remains subject to Title 1 mandates.

The CBO projected that 15 million more Americans would be uninsured in 2018 compared with current law, largely because the bill would repeal the ACA's tax penalties for individuals to buy insurance and larger employers to offer it. Because the latest version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act keeps two ACA taxes on higher-income people, it would reduce the federal deficit by a greater amount over 10 years than the previous version did-$420 billion versus $321 billion. Political commentators across the country spoke of the death of the Republican Party - or at least its banishment to the political underworld. It was disingenuous because Obamacare was based on GOP models - particularly the Massachusetts system implemented under former Gov. Mitt Romney and a Heritage Foundation plan - and passed only after significant input from GOP lawmakers.

During a lunch meeting Wednesday, Trump urged senators to stay in Washington to forge an agreement on the health care legislation before the start of an already postponed August recess.

The 2006 election resoundingly delivered the House of Representatives and the Senate into the hands of Democrats. And worse still, neither the BCRA nor repeal have enough votes to pass. His announcement came after four of the 52 Senate Republicans announced they would not support the bill.

But this is the overdue opening that Democrats, if are true to their word, should charge through.

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Trump said Tuesday he was "very disappointed" that the Senate was unable pass their initial plan, but pledged he, his White House and Senate Republicans will not take the blame for Obamacare's failures. These cuts would shift ever-increasing costs to states, forcing the states to respond by making ever-deepening cuts in eligibility, benefits, and provider payments. This tweet helpfully illuminates his emotional grasp of the situation, which is drenched in grievance and spite.

Trump's activism on the bill has come primarily over the phone. Has there ever been a more cynical abdication of presidential responsibility?

"The President's being adamant about (doing) replace probably changes the dynamics as to what we vote on", Sen.

Relatively few Americans want Congress to go down this path.Only 18% want Congress and the Trump administration to repeal the law regardless of whether it's replaced at the same time, according to a new CNN poll released Thursday.

The report from Congress' nonpartisan budget analyst says the measure would cause average premiums for people buying their own health insurance to double by 2026.

GOP senators unclear which bill they will vote on next week