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Google Pixel 2 Rumored to Come with Always On Display

14 Julio 2017

It's said that you'll be able to squeeze the Pixel XL 2017 to launch Google Assistant when the screen is on or off. You may also be able to perform other actions by squeezing the frame, like silencing incoming calls. It is interesting as the rumors claim that LG will be the ones making the phone, even though HTC was the first to debut such a hardware feature.

The Network released two new render with smartphones Google Pixel XL 2 in silver and blue colors. We're calling it the "XL" for the sake of ease of understanding here, not because we specifically have information suggesting Google is retaining that naming convention. Now, we have some more information about the alleged device. It could be the Pixel 2 XL or some sort of variation on that, or just be the Pixel - these things usually to get finalized pretty late, and given the lack of any physical Pixel branding on the phone, Google can afford to take its time deciding on a product naming strategy.

Speculations are rife about the second-generation Google Pixel smartphones.

The smaller upcoming Google handset is expected to boast a 5-inch screen, whereas the larger phone is reportedly boasting a large 6-inch display.

Google Pixel 2 Rumored to Come with Always On Display

XDA-Developers says that the sRGB mode, which you might be familiar with if you've used a Nexus phone in the past, will now be under normal display settings instead of Developer Options. That's not even taking into account the arguably better position of the fingerprint scanner (read: it's not beside the rear camera). Our sources indicate LG is the manufacturer, as has been previously rumored.

To make that possible, however, Google will have to adopt a screen type it has never played with before: OLED.

So far, we have no concrete evidence that points out the next round of Pixels could feature dual-cameras. Mentions of doze_always_on were discovered within the Android O Developer Preview 3.

Google Pixel 2 Rumored to Come with Always On Display