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Google Facing Second Record EU Fine: This Time Over Android

09 Julio 2017

This one is over how it pays and limits mobile phone providers who use the search company's Android mobile operating system and app store.

Citing "two people familiar with the matter", Reuters yesterday reported that Google faces a potential fine bigger than the one issued last month for alleged anti-competitive practices since 2011.

According to the Reuters report, European antitrust authorities have asked an expert panel to review the commission's findings against Google and offer a second opinion on last year's Statement of Objections. A navigation bar has also been added with tabs including Headline, Local and For You to switch easily between the three categories of news. The case this time is about its Android operating system, which was reportedly shutting out rival companies.

Google has done so by pre-installing Google Search and setting it as the default search service on most Android devices sold in Europe, according to the commission.

Google Facing Second Record EU Fine: This Time Over Android

Among the evidence previously provided to Cade, the Brazilian firm has shown evidence that Google propped up its own service as soon as and that its Shopping results were the first item in searches days after launching. There is more blank space in the layout as compared to the earlier version. The group, which includes publisher Axel Springer, Funke Medien Gruppe, and the French search engine Qwant, said Google "abused its dominant position" to preserve its hold on Internet search.

It's unclear at the moment what the EU will rule in the new case.

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Also similarly to the EU antitrust case, Google is being accused of blocking Buscapé in online search advertising.

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Google Facing Second Record EU Fine: This Time Over Android