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Brownsville police remember Dallas, SA officers

08 Julio 2017

Law enforcement stands together in remembrance of the officers killed in the attack on Dallas law enforcement one year ago.

"Respect for our law enforcement officials must be restored in this nation", Abbott said in a written statement. "I ask that all Texans come together to show our appreciation for those who keep us safe", Texas Governor Gregg Abbott. The number of officer deaths in the line of duty is up 18 percent in 2017 from this time last year. But Blakenbaker did describe the intensity of the shootout with the killer.

Since then, officers have left in large numbers because of a pension crisis. Toward the end of an otherwise peaceful Black Lives Matter protest, a gunman opened fire. "God called all of us to be Dallas police officers, and I am extremely proud".

It took 10 days to process the massive scene. Five officers were killed, nine others were injured and two civilians were hurt.

Across the state and here in Brazos County, law enforcement will turn on their red and blue lights for one minute starting 10 honor those fallen officers.

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A more traditional memorial was unveiled hours earlier, when the officers' families joined community members for the dedication of the new "Dallas Circle of Heroes".

After the Dallas PD ambush, departments throughout the country saw an uptick in officer ambushes including three officers killed in Baton Rouge, La. and two officers in Des Moines, Iowa.

"This is not a DPD event", she said. But you always have to be alert. The third phase which is now underway will be to provide additional attachments for the officers. "Once that uniform comes off, they're no different than you and I. And people need more of that".

CONNELLY: The association has seen a threefold increase in officers using counseling services since the shooting, but Mata says many still feel vulnerable. Still, the mayor says these discussions are difficult. "We are a circle".

Brownsville police remember Dallas, SA officers